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EC& I 830 – Summary of Learning

Dear colleagues, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you during our time together in EC&I 830! Thank you for all of your work during our respective debate topics. Well done!

Please enjoy my Summary of Learning for EC&I 830. I used WeVideo to create this artifact. Believe it or not, but this was the first time working through WeVideo, and I was pretty happy with the results! All the best to everyone!

One thought on “EC& I 830 – Summary of Learning

  1. Great job summarizing all our amazing learning in this class, Arkin. I never would’ve guessed this was your first crack at WeVideo. This class has been my first time using it, and I wish my division paid for it as my trial period is running out…hahaha! Looked fantastic. Thanks for all the great discussion in class, and best wishes on the next of your learning adventures.


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