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EC& I 830 – Summary of Learning

Dear colleagues, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you during our time together in EC&I 830! Thank you for all of your work during our respective debate topics. Well done! Please enjoy my Summary of Learning for EC&I 830. I used WeVideo to create this artifact. Believe it or not, but this wasContinue reading “EC& I 830 – Summary of Learning”

Blog #5 (Debate #2) – Enter, Online Learning

     Well, here we are! My final blog post for EC&I 830. The final topic I will be covering is whether online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children. I had the opportunity to defend the disagree side of the argument. I found this as a great opportunity to explore onlineContinue reading “Blog #5 (Debate #2) – Enter, Online Learning”

Blog #5 (Debate #1) – Digital Footprint – Walk This Way!

Welcome to the final week of blog posts for EC&I 830, spring semester, 2022! Today we break down our final two debate topics. In this blog, we will look at the topic of: Educators and schools have a responsibility to help their students develop a digital footprint. My initial take on the topic was aContinue reading “Blog #5 (Debate #1) – Digital Footprint – Walk This Way!”

Blog #4 (Debate #2) – A Handheld Distraction (?), Small yet Powerful!

Hello, and welcome to my second blog posting for our June 6th class! In this post, I will be unpacking the contemporary issue of if cell phones should be banned in the classroom. Another topic that I am on the fence on, go figure! I don’t think I was always on the fence though! IContinue reading “Blog #4 (Debate #2) – A Handheld Distraction (?), Small yet Powerful!”

Blog #4 (Debate #1) – Is it Time to Wake Up and Educate?

Hello and welcome back EC&I 830 colleagues! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! Another great week with two well-prepared debates by all four groups. Well done!! Is social media ruining childhood? My initial thoughts fell with the 64.1% who voted yes or agreed with this statement. I would often compare my ownContinue reading “Blog #4 (Debate #1) – Is it Time to Wake Up and Educate?”

Blog #3 (Debate #2) – Be the Change! In Search of Social Justice

          Hello EC&I 830 colleagues! Today I will unpack debate number four on the topic: educators having a responsibility to use technology and social media to promote social justice. Another topic that had me reflecting on my beliefs and how I encourage social justice in my grade 7/8 classroom. Based on how the debate topicContinue reading “Blog #3 (Debate #2) – Be the Change! In Search of Social Justice”

Blog #3 (Debate #3) – Fundamental Skills… What Should We Teach?

Welcome to another week that featured two outstanding and passionate debates! I was definitely on the fence with these topics and had to unpack the presented information. Well done, teams! Our first debate presentation was on schools having to teach skills that can be easily carried out by technology. The ‘agree’ team had a brilliantContinue reading “Blog #3 (Debate #3) – Fundamental Skills… What Should We Teach?”

Blog #2 (Part 2) – Technology! It is Equal? Is it Fair? (Debate #2)

Welcome back, colleagues! Rounding off Week 2, we listened to our second debate on the topic of technology leading to a more equitable society. Admittedly, I recall having the stance of agreeing and discussing how technology had created equity within society. This was before listening to Dr. Katia Hildebrandt and my first EC&I class. KatiaContinue reading “Blog #2 (Part 2) – Technology! It is Equal? Is it Fair? (Debate #2)”

Blog # 2 – Hi! It’s Technology, and I’m here to help! (Debate #1)

Hello EC&I 830! Welcome to my second blog and recap of our class’s first debate sessions. We were fortunate to witness and listen in on two highly debatable topics. I want to begin by sharing my many thanks and gratitude for the work that went into both presentations. They set the bar for our classContinue reading “Blog # 2 – Hi! It’s Technology, and I’m here to help! (Debate #1)”

Blog #1 – Welcome to Another Day With… Technology!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first blog entry for EC&I 830; enjoy! What does a typical day accompanied by technology look like? I certainly have not taken the time to consider this question, nor have I taken the time to document my interactions with technology daily. When I sat to ponder this question, it wasContinue reading “Blog #1 – Welcome to Another Day With… Technology!”